Sustainable Champion

Congratulations to Purnell’s for being the first restaurant in Birmingham to be given a two star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and become a Sustainability Champion.

The rating recognises Purnell’s efforts to serves local, seasonal, high welfare food, manages waste well, respects customers and the community and treats staff well.

Glynn Purnell, proprietor and head chef, said: “Working with the SRA has not only given us a fantastic opportunity to showcase what we do but also learn and develop our understanding of what it is to be sustainable and put it into action. Recognising the importance of sustainability is vital for the future of the restaurant industry.”

Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA, said: “Consumers tell us they would rather eat in a sustainable restaurant and now they have a simple means of finding somewhere to eat out that not only serves good food but also matches their values.

“Purnell’s are leading the way among Birmingham restaurants – not only in terms of the high quality cooking but also in how they run the business – sustainably. The two are not mutually exclusive.”

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