Sundae Girl

Forget Magnums and Soleros, when it is this hot you can’t beat a scoop of freshly made ice cream.


In Warwickshire there are three producers creating exciting and delicious flavours that are far from vanilla.

The Dalby’s have been making ice-cream for 25 years on their 545 acre farm in Pailton, North Warwickshire. Taking it’s name from the Ringswood herd of British Friesian cows, Ringswood Ice Cream is produced with fresh ingredients including Warwickshire honey. From their range of 18 varieties, there are less-traditional flavours such as apple crumble and  lemon meringue to tempt your tastebuds. Packaged in 110ml individual portions, half litre, one litre, two litre and four litre tubs, Ringswood Ice Creams are available from their farm shop, shows and fetes.

Cinder Toffee is a new ice cream flavour of dairy made goodness from Farmer Dawsons. The small range of ice cream, milkshakes and yoghurts is made on their own farm in Atherstone using traditional methods.

As well as burgers and cheese, the Napton Water Buffalo farm in Napton, near Southam also produces ice cream with the water buffalo milk. The ice creams come in many interesting flavours, including Chocolate Orange and Christmas Pudding and is available from their farm shop and local farmers markets.


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