Aston Manor pairs up with Birmingham foodies

Pushkar curry






Did you know that half of all of the apples grown in the UK are used by cider makers? The industry has planted 8,000 acres of new orchards, over four million trees, to quench our thirst for cider as sales continue to increase.

As well as drinking cider on its own, the UK has a long tradition of pairing cider with food, dating back to the 17h century when it was the tipple of choice for aristocrats. With so many different UK orchards and producers it is a very accessible drink.

In Birmingham this Christmas, you can try some new cider-based treats that Aston Manor has created with Pushkar, Nuvo and Yorks Bakery Café.

Pushkar has taken the cider maker’s Malvern Oak and created the deliciously slow-roasted ‘Drunken Duck Batak .  Nuvo has mixed Press 81 with spirits to blend the ‘Licor 81’ cocktail. For those with a sweet tooth, the bakers at Yorks Bakery Café have made a Toffee Apple Cider Cake with Kingstone Press cider. You can also sample them at the Brindleyplace Presents Christmas  event on 4th December,   BIG Christmas Party and Acorn’s Santas on the Run event on 8th December.

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