MIdlands Street Food

When the BBC Good Food Show invited me to take part in a campaign to find the best street food in Midlands, I had no hesitation in saying yes.

The street food revolution started at farmers markets. Stalls selling rare breed sausages next to organic rolls saw the benefit of working together to add value to their products, putting the sausages into rolls and selling them. The good idea spread to vendors who went to festivals and other events in their mobile units and a new food trend was born.

As the growth of pop-ups and supper clubs has shown, you don’t need the confines of a restaurant to enjoy great food. Some of the most innovative food in the Midlands is now being served out of trailers, carts and vintage vans.

The Jabberwocky

If you have eaten a gourmet toastie from The Jabberwocky, a Meat Shack burger of 28 day aged beef, a veggie wrap from Fresh Rootz or chicken fried in Belgian beer batter from Van29, then you will already be a fan.

You can nominate your favourite street food at www.facebook.com/BBCGoodFoodShow or tweet @BBCGoodFoodShow using #MidlandsStreetFood before 16 April.


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