Kitchen School a new food experience for Birmingham

At the Gastro Card fundraising lunch for Birmingham Settlement at Opus, diners heard the latest news from Kitchen School.

TrevorLand JayneBradley MartinHolcombe

Pictured left to right: Trevor Land Gastro Card, Jayne Bradley Kitchen School and Martin Holcombe Birmingham Settlement.

Kitchen School’s Director Jayne Bradley explained how this social enterprise in Harborne aims to contribute to people’s health and wellbeing, by building a passion to grow, cook and eat good food.

“To achieve our vision we will teach the skills and share the knowledge to make cooking and eating an engaging and positive experience.

The school will offer a wide programme including cookery classes for parents and children, artisan skills of bread making, brewing, butchering and pickling, nutrition advice and international cuisines seven days a week.”

The initiative is supported by local chefs, including Glynn Purnell. Glynn says “We support Kitchen because improving people’s health and food standards in Birmingham starts with making sure people have the right knowledge and importantly have fun cooking.”

Kitchen School is due to open in December. Check for updates or follow Jayne on Twitter @kitchenschool.



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