Deli-cious new food products

With Spring almost around the corner, our local delis are tempting us to shop with them by introducing new seasonal products to their shelves.

Talton Mill farm shop

Talton Mill is now producing their own Kassler. What is Kassler? It is cooked, cured, lean pork which is smoked and sliced thinly and perfect for salads and snacks. Smoked duck and chicken breast will soon be on the menu too, for the farm shop and deli just outside Stratford upon Avon.

Barkers Deli & More

Barkers Deli and More is a brand new delicatessen, opening soon in the heart of Warwick. They are planning to stock the freshest veg and the best artisan cheeses, charcuterie and deli cupboard delights they can find. As well as creating fresh pasta dishes, salads and meals to serve at home.  Check their Facebook page or tweets @BarkersDeli for updates.


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