Local Food Heroes at Selfridges Birmingham

Selfridges local food heroes

Until 28 April you can find a selection of local producers and their food and drink in Selfridges food hall in the Bullring. The shelves are stacked with goodies from Shropshire, Staffordshire, the Costwolds and Worcestershire, many of which are Heart of England Fine Food producers.

Brock Hall Farm Fresco Angelico

You’ll find cheese from Brock Hall Farm Dairy, Croome Cuisine and Moyden’s Handmade Cheese.

The Pie Life

Pies, quiches and ready meals from Mama Della’s Kitchen, savoury pies from The Pie Life and sausage rolls from Coopers.

Ross & Ross

Charcuterie from Gloucestershire’s Native Breeds, terrines and potted meats by Ross & Ross.

The Sauce Queen

Sauces from The Sauce Queen, cold pressed rape seed oil from Great Ness Oils and Cotswold Gold.

Kit's Kitchen

Jams from Jumokeh, dressings, chutneys and pickles from Kit’s Kitchen,  FWP Matthews flours produced from locally grown English wheat and cereal from Shropshire Granola.

Meg Rivers cakes

The bakery at Taynton Farm Foods cooks up savoury and sweet baked goods. More sweet treats include cakes from Meg Rivers Artisan Bakers and The Little Round Cake Company. Biscuits by Frank’s Biscuits, a Nanaimo bar from The Maple Company and chocolates by Louis Barnet. All washed down with Story Juices.


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