Flour Power

Craven Crusts Coventry Evening Telegraph

I think that community run food businesses are a brilliant idea, so I was excited to read about a new community bakery being set up in Coventry.

After 110 years of baking bread, the former Pails Bakery closed its doors in 2008 and lay empty for five years. Local residents decided that it was time to restore the bakery to its former glory and inspired by other community food projects, have launched this ground breaking project where people buy community shares in the bakery.

Craven Crusts cupcake

Craven Crusts aims to buy the old bakery site in July. The building will be renovated to provide an art studio, café and artisan bakery space, which is scheduled to open in November.

The community shares are £50 each and the maximum people can buy is £20,000 worth. The bakery expects to generate 30 % profits by the end of the third year. If you are interested in supporting the bakery, complete the form on http://www.cravencrusts.com before 8 August.


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