The Almanack’s sweet new chef

Coventry-born Matt Palmer, who has cooked with some of the top chefs in London including Michel Roux Junior at le Gavroche, has returned to his roots and joined The Almanack in Kenilworth as head chef.

Matt says: “I love honest, British food that celebrates the fantastic fresh produce we have in this country. Classic and modern dishes influenced by the classics and the classical training I have had are a big part of my cooking and I love making amazing desserts, too – I’m passionate about puddings!”

Eton Mess

At the moment, his version of Eton Mess, or Eton Tidy as he calls it, is becoming a star on The Almanac’s menu.  It’s an empty glass bowl on a board with a selection of Evesham strawberries, raspberries, home-made meringues and Chantilly cream in separate bowls. You dip into the bowls to make your own personalised version of this great British classic.  So you can max out on the fruit and go easy on the meringue, or toss the whole lot into a bowl and mix it up just as you like it.


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