Ooh la la! French fancies in Kenilworth

The residents of Leamington are already spoilt with two shops from French patisserie Comme-ci Comme-ça (Warwick Street pictured below) and now it’s Kenilworth’s turn to be delighted by their amazing confections.

Comme Ci Comme Ca Leamington Spa

Celine Vermont, one of the owners said; “Our third Comme-ci,Comme-ça shop in Kenilworth will have a bigger kitchen to make more cakes. It is very exciting, we get the keys in November and will be open in time for Christmas.”

While I was in Leamington last week I bought a passion fruit and coconut tart, plus one of the new Le Montelimar’s – an apricot and nougat cake, layered with fruit puree and mousse, which were absolutely divine!  I’m going to let the images of their gorgeous cakes do the talking for them.

Comme Ci Comme Ca Le Cointreau

Comme Ci Comme Ca Le Montelimar


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