Good luck to Bistro 1847 , a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant, opening today in the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham.

Bistro 1847

Expect dishes with cute and quirky titles.  Oh I do like to be beside the seaside local beer and Balti battered mead marinated halloumi or smoked tofu, hand cut chunky chips, burnt Lemon and crème fraiche tartare. Apple of my eye celeriac and Granny Smith hush puppies, sour cream and jalapeno popcorn, green chilli and pear jelly.  As an opening special offer, a two course lunch will be £16 and £20 for three courses.

One thought on “Veggie-licious

  1. Hi, I am from Birmingham and its good to see that Birmingham has finally a vegetarian restaurant which aims to showcase what looks like interesting and more original dishes. As a vegetarian myself, this is to be welcomed. I haven’t as yet been to Bistro 1847, but intend to soon. I am in the process of setting up a vegetarian food blog, which focuses on eating out, both here and abroad, and aims to provide information for vegetarians on the best places I have found to eat and visit. Aiming to prove that vegetarians can eat out as well as non vegetarians at the same places. I enjoy your food blog, keep up the good work. Thanks Andy


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