Vibrating vegetables for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day ifoodtv

Just as I was thinking how to avoid writing about the overpriced menus on offer for Valentine’s Day or any heart-shaped food, into my inbox pings an email from ICHOOS Birmingham.

Drawn in by Tom’s ‘Vibrating vegetables’ headline I have found a non-traditional way for food lovers to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Birmingham.

Courtesy of Selfridges, Festival of Imagination promises a quirky line up of arts events.

Caroline Hobkinson

‘Touching Taste’ 6.30pm–7.30pm

In this interactive food lecture, concept chef and artist Caroline Hobkinson will challenge the way we perceive food by presenting it as art, exploring sound and touch.

There is also a chance to explore the role of the garden as a space for deep-rooted innovation and investigation, with the Edible Garden by Edible Eastside, as nature enters the Imaginarium in the Food Hall.

To book your place, please email


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