Birmingham’s 50 Food Heroes

If you had to draw up a list of 50 food heroes from Birmingham who would be on it?

Michelin star chef Glynn Purnell, street food pioneer Duncan Stanley, or maybe cookery school teacher Tom Baker, with his desire to help the local community, would feature in your top 50. (They would definitely be on mine).

food montage

Carole Mason has the unenviable task of narrowing down the choice of streetfood, pop up restaurants, urban harvesters, farmers markets, supper clubs, growers and even bloggers to include in her new guide No Ping No Bling.

Carole says: “This project arose from my hobby of finding places to eat with No Ping (not reheated in the microwave) and No Bling (no chain restaurants, no fancy pants backers).  As I started to find more and more hidden places that were really rooted in the communities, I discovered just what food heroes they were out there and I started to hook into a network of other places and the excitement built.

Carole Mason

“I thought that if I didn’t know about all these fabulous places and all the amazing people so passionate about food then probably most people round here don’t know either.

“So I have set about spreading the word with a pack of cards,  so that you can take one out and easily carry when you are out and about. The intention is for the pack of cards to be available in high street stores, online, at food events and ideally I want to sell them to the airlines so that people can plan before they arrive in Birmingham.”

To launch Birmingham’s 50 Food Heroes,  Carole has created a page on crowdfunder. If you’d like to support the project, please follow this link


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