Peels unveils a new look

The team at Hampton Manor has been tweeting about an exciting new development for Peels restaurant.

Peels is unveiling a new eight seater Tasting Room, while the restaurant moves into the original dining room of the Manor house to serve twenty six diners at a time.

Chef Ryan Swift will be launching a new a la carte menu, along with four and seven course tasting options.He says “I’ve enjoyed cooking for our guests in the beautiful courtyard, but as a team we’ve had a growing sense that, given a more intimate environment, we could bring something more to the table.”

Peels montage

The new restaurant is designed to reflect the natural and artisanal passion in the kitchen. With leather topped tables, linen napkins and handmade plates from local potter Neil Alcock.

And the revamp does not stop there, in May the original drawing room will be restored to its former use as a lounge area for drinks and afternoon teas.


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