Yelp Mad March Hare Tea Party

On Tuesday my gin aficionado friend Tara and myself were guests of Vicky from Yelp, for the Mad March Hare Tea Party at The Church Inn.

Resplendent in a top hat and whiskers, Vicky greeted guests in the Mad Hatter tea party themed room, with Eat Me cards on the cupcake stands and Drink Me cards on the cocktail mixing table.

Mad March Hare cocktails

I’m not a big gin drinker and wouldn’t have thought that egg white, raspberry jam and rhubarb mixed with No3 London Dry Gin could be so amazing! All down to the talented Devenish Girl Bakery though who led us through how to mix three different cocktails.

We also had a demo in piping a perfect rose from the lovely Leonora at Couture Cupcakes and treats.

As I had my hands full, some of the photos are mine, the rest are from the Yelp team which you can see here



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