Haddie & Trilby bakery to open in Leamington Spa

Who are Haddie & Trilby?

Haddie & Trilby logo

They are the baby elephants of Sam Lockhart’s Victorian circus, who performed in Leamington Spa 150 years ago. See, you learn something new every day. They are also now the charming logo of a new bakery opening on Saturday.

The baker at Haddie & Trilby is George Casey, a man, it’s fair to say who loves his food and loves bread above all. His house is home to a Bodliean library of cookery books, a fridge stuffed full of live yeast starters, his garden centre-piece the handmade wood fired pizza oven where hand spun sourdough pizzas blister and bake in moments. Now he’s going to be proving, shaping and baking real bread for you at 10 Regent Street, Leamington Spa.

George Casey

Just a year ago George was behind a different kind of mixer, he crafted programmes for BBC Radio but the desire to bake was never going to go away, so George decided to re-train at the School of Artisan Food.

Haddie & Trilby will craft everything on site by hand, with no short-cuts or cheats. All of their bread will be slowly fermented, taking a minimum of twenty four hours to create.

Haddie & Trilby bakery

George says “We received our first flour deliveries from Shipton Mill. Their organic flour is simply unsurpassed and is a joy to bake with. We have also taken delivery of a flour that will be exclusive to us. Grown up the road in Radford Semele it’s milled at one of the UK’s only surviving water mills in Hampton Lucy.  It’s not just the fact we can count the food miles of this flour on one hand that attracted us, it’s also the wonderful and distinctive taste that we are weaving into our test bakes.

“We will also be making fresh pastries, seasonal tarts, indulgent cakes and lots of other fabulous baked goods. All served with coffee, from the only roastery to wood-fire their beans in the UK.”


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