Lets do lunch

Like most office workers, I’ve got into an annoying routine of eating lunch at my desk. It’s a habit I want to break, so once a week I make sure that I go out for a walk and eat al fresco in Birmingham city centre.


Last week I went to Duncan Stanley’s #lunchmarket in The Square, where it was a choice of street food from The Mexican Bean, Baileys Caribbean and The Vegan Grindhouse.

Peel & Stone

Yesterday I was in the Jewellery Quarter for a client meeting, so sought out Peel & Stone at arch 33 in Water Street. The tiny space is packed with an enticing range of freshly made bread, cakes, salads and sandwiches. Check their twitter page for details of daily changing specials, from pulled pork baps to salted caramel doughnuts @peelandstone. You can also use your Independent Birmingham card here.

So whether its hot street food, or freshly baked bread there is always an alternative to boring sandwiches eaten at your desk!


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