Virgin StartUp presents Foodpreneur Fest


The ‘bearded one’ at Virgin has launched a new competition for startup food businesses to receive funding and mentoring support.

The four categories are –

Best-looking New Brand

Do you dream of seeing your product on the shelves of Waitrose? Does the idea of your branding being compared to iconic ones such as Innocent give you goosebumps? Then this is the category for you – for those who hope to get their brilliant products into the supermarket to be adored by many.

Tastiest Startup

Got a food van that trundles around, selling the dreamiest burritos? Or maybe you’re a burger pop-up that can move grown men to tears. Or maybe your new cupcake shop has everyone coming back for more. This category is for the restaurant, café, food van and pop-up superstars.

Most-Loved Kid’s Food

Getting kids to expand their repertoire beyond fish fingers, or even get more food in their stomach than all over their faces (and the floor) can be a tricky business. So if you’re on a mission to feed up the next decade’s entrepreneurs you should enter this category!

Best Healthy Food Business

Healthy food doesn’t have to be unhappy food. If your food startup is inspiring people to get healthy, discover the power of vitamins, and generally look after themselves, then this is the category for you.

Virgin StratUp

Shortlisted business owners will showcase their most mouth-watering dishes to a panel of food experts, including:

  • Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley – authors of The Art of Eating Well, and recipe bloggers for Vogue.
  • Paul Lindley – founder of children’s food brand, Ella’s Kitchen.
  • Mina Holland – acting Editor of Guardian Cook magazine and author of The Edible Atlas.

Entries close Monday 1 September, forms are on the website with a live final on 17 September.


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