Pink gin fit for a queen

Warner Edwards gin

I met Northamptonshire based craft distillery Warner Edwards at the BBC Good Food Show last year and after purchasing their divine elderflower gin I quickly became a fan.

Their latest news is a limited edition launch of Victoria Rhubarb Gin. As you’d expect with these guys, there is a story behind the blend.

The key ingredient, Queen Victoria rhubarb, was originally grown in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in the 1800s and in the 2000s was moved to Crown Estate property. Rather than being grown using today’s commercial techniques which employs chemical sprays and artificial fertilisers, the rhubarb is grown using the organic and traditional Victorian kitchen garden style. Apparently this technique greatly enriches the soil where the rhubarb is grown, so over the many years the flavours of the rhubarb are greatly improved.

Victoria Rhubarb Gin is an infusion of the distiller’s award winning Harrington Dry gin with rhubarb juice and sugar.

Tom Warner, co-founder of Warner Edwards said: “Our rhubarb gin is smooth and earthy with an exquisite fruity balance of sweet and sour. The rhubarb combines natural acidity with a fruity sweetness to create a real palate cleanser that’s exceptionally quaffable.”

Only 8,000 bottles of Warner Edwards delicate pink-hued gin are being produced, which retail at the royal corner shop Fortnum & Mason’s for £35.


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