Fargo Village opening

Deep in the student hinterland of Far Gosford Street in Coventry, a new hub for independent retailers has just opened. Imagine a smaller version of the Custard Factory, where artists work and sell their crafts from converted shipping containers and you get an idea of what Fargo Village is like.

Fargo Village artwork

Among the vintage clothes, pictures, books, games, a barber’s and scooter repair shop are also a couple of permanent food and drink outlets.

 Toot Sweet Coventry Telegraph

Toot Sweet

Unit 2H

Toot Sweet offers personalised confectionery hampers full of luxury chocolates, fresh fruit, jams, spreads and even locally produced fudge and Turkish delight. In the store, they have traditional and retro sweets, ice-creams, hot drinks and cakes.

Little Touch of Luxury Fargo Village

Little Touch of Luxury

Unit 3B

Little Touch of Luxury specialises in wedding and celebration cakes with their elegantly designed handmade products, cakes and artisan breads. Their dinky café only seats eight so squeeze in to admire their confectionery.

 Urban Coffee Compnay Fargo Village

Urban Coffee Company

Unit 7

The Birmingham independent coffee shop has moved into a big converted warehouse. They’ve gone crazy with the wood panelling and chunky wooden furniture, but with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows they’ve just about stopped the interior feeling like a sauna.

So Mallow

Little cubes of So Mallow heaven are on sale in the Big Comfy Bookshop.

Fargo Village wall

Tea with a view!

Sneaks and Peaks

At the opening weekend, the Sneaks and Peaks outdoor dining club featured street food from Big Daddies Diner, Peel & Stone, Becky’s Bhajis and The Flying Cows. The menu of traders will change weekly so check their twitter for updates @FargoVillage.

street food Fargo Village

With a farmers market planned for Sunday 5 October, a large indoor space for exhibitions and outdoor courtyard for eating, drinking along to live music as Coventry’s first hub for independent retailers Fargo Village is well worth a visit.


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