#FoodieFind – Mama Eti’s

Back at Eat Street food market in Leamington Spa for Halloween, I met the lovely Jeremy and Tina Stone from Mama Eti’s.

Mama Eti's


Mama Eti’s is a new Indonesian street food brand. Like many people I guess I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Malaysian and Indonesian food when presented with dishes, so it was great to learn about the cuisine from the couple.

Mama Eti's branding

Jeremy lived and worked in SE Asia for ten years where he met his wife, Tintin (Tina) in Jakarta and moved back to the UK in 2009 to settle in Bournville.

Jeremy says; “We have set up Mama Eti’s to fulfil our passion for Indonesian cuisine and street food. It’s the influences from China, India, the Middle East and Europe that make Indonesian food so diverse and delicious.

“We have ten speciality dishes which my wife has developed using authentic Indonesian recipes. Once people have tried them they’ll fall in love with the subtle spices like we did.”
Mama Etis food

Main dishes include:

Soto Ayam (fragrant lemon grass and chicken broth with rice noodles, fried soya beans and crunchy vegetables).
Mie Pangsit (steamed egg noodles served with chicken cooked in ginger and other spices, steamed pak choi and a crispy fried wonton).
Mie Aceh (a very soupy and rich Sumatran curried egg noodle dish with minced lamb, bean sprouts cooked with spices such as star anise, cinnamon, cardamon).
Pepes Ayam (A Sundanese dish of steamed chicken cooked in spices wrapped in banana leaf)
Satay (chicken, beef and lamb satay served with our own satay sauce, Indonesian pickle and rice).
Ayam Penyet (chicken cooked in spices and then deep fried served with rice, deep fried tofu and Indonesian sambal).
Nasi Goreng (fried rice with chicken and vegetables served with a prawn cracker and Indonesian pickle).
Tahu Sumedang (from Tina’s home town, deep fried cubes of tofu served with Indonesian sambal).

Mam Eti's menu board

On the menu at Eat Street were Beef Rendang (a very rich and succulent slow cooked Sumatran beef curry cooked in coconut milk and spices served with cassava leaf curry, coconut rice and Indonesian sambal) and Ayam Padang (a Sumatran chicken curry cooked in coconut milk with lemon grass, galangal and other spices served with coconut rice and Indonesian Sambal). I tried the chicken padang, the delicious, succulent chicken had been marinated overnight and just melted in my mouth!


Mama Eti’s went to their first food festival in July, which they followed by appearing at Brum Yum Yum in Kings Heath, the Sketts fine food market in Solihull and Eat Street in Leamington Spa. As they find their feet, receive customer feedback on dishes and develop their offer, the Stones have lots of ideas to raise the profile of Indonesian cuisine. Plans to bottle their sauces and even make Indonesian food kits are already in the pipeline.

Before they take a break for Christmas, you can find them at the Stourbridge Christmas Lights switch on Saturday 29 November.



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