Trio of new openings

There were a couple of new openings at the end of the year that I didn’t have a chance to mention before I went on holiday. The Eight Foot Grocer, a tasty new deli and café in Birmingham, Bread & Butter, a gourmet coffee shop in Leamington Spa and Nuovo,an expanding Italian restaurant group in Northampton.

Chris James The Eight Foot Grocer Birmingham Post

Proving that size doesn’t matter, The Eight Foot Grocer’s tiny space in the Jewellery Quarter is a former loading bay that is crammed with goodies.  In this Caroline Street store, Chris James  offers  fruit, vegetables, jams, marmalades, locally-made Cufuffle Preserves, Kneals Chocolates and Pip’s Hot Sauce products. Porridge is served for breakfast, and for lunch there are salads, cakes and sandwiches with bread from nearby Peel & Stone.

Bread & Butter coffee shop logo

Around The Parade, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread and pastries already fills the air in Leamington Spa and now another coffee shop has joined the appetising fug. Bread & Butter  at 53 Regent Street serves gourmet toasties alongside Monmouth coffee.

Forno grill

The owners of Papa Cinos in Dychurch Lane have branched out with their new Northampton restaurant . Nuovo just off Abington Street. Their dolce vita menu includes cicchetti, salads, steak, platters and pasta. The chargrill dishes are cooked on a Forno-Grill, made in Tuscany, which is the first of its kind in the UK

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