The Lazy Cow has to moo-ve

The Lazy Cow Warwick cow

For five years a life size fibre glass cow has greeted guests to The Lazy Cow in Warwick, but that is all set to change.

Hertfordshire-based company Oakman Inns has confirmed terms to acquire the steak house and boutique hotel rooms.

TLC pic

The Lazy Cow opened in 2010 following a £1.5m investment  to refurbish what was the former Globe Hotel. The venue is owned by Urban & Country Leisure, managing director Ross Sanders  said: “The Lazy Cow in Warwick will always be a very special place for me and my team – it’s a beacon of success and I’m proud to be leaving it as a solid platform for someone else to continue its successes and no doubt grow in time.”

Oakman Inns have mentioned that they are considering changing the name of the venue back to the Globe Inn, before inviting Warwick residents to have their say in the final name.

The Lazy Cow restaurants in Stratford upon Avon and Solihull remain unchanged by the sale of the flagship Warwick site.


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