Eat Street looks for a new home

Eat Street Leamington Spa

Initially I was sad to hear that Eat Street market is not going to return to Regent Court in Leamington Spa, especially I was involved in the launch, but I’m hopeful that they will find a new location soon.

Here is their announcement in full  –

“We regret to inform you all that Eat Street which started in September 2013 will not be returning to Regent Court in Leamington. The new centre manager feels that due to the way in which Regent Court is changing from a retail venue into that of a food venue, Eat Street no longer has a place in the centre.

“He has been in talks with the restaurants and they are all of the same mind-set that Eat Street is watering down the Friday lunchtime trade and as they are paying comparatively high rent and rates, they feel it would be unfair if Eat Street was to return.

CJs Events

“We are in the process of finding a new location and would appreciate your feedback. Ideas for locations, days or frequency on which it could be held or anything else will be gratefully received @cjseventswarks.

Jamie Walker added “We will miss the happy smiling faces on a Friday, but it won’t be forever. Eat Street will rise from the ashes and feed the hungry masses again!”


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