TV Dinners

Timeshift Spicing up Britain how eating out went exotic

I’ve just caught up on the marvellous BBC4 programme Spicing up Britain – how eating out went exotic. We take it for granted the range of cuisines offered on our high streets today, but this film shows us how our appetites for new foods broadened both our horizons and tastes forever.

Flicking through the TV guide yesterday it looks like there are some more new programmes as part of BBC2’s new food season  that I should be tuning into this week.

Kew on a plate

Kew on a plate 9pm Monday

Kate Humble and Raymond Blanc look at the incredible stories behind our fruit and veg including how the turnip helped spark an agricultural revolution in their guide to growing fresh produce.

The Hairy Bikers

Cooking the nation’s favourite food 7pm Tuesday

The Hairy Bikers and Lorraine Pascale put on their pinnies for this one hour special about our favourite foods. Why do we love certain dishes so much? How are our tastes changing? The three chefs travel the country and create their own versions of the nation’s top ten dishes.

Back in time for dinner BBC2

Back in time for dinner 8pm Tuesday

A new six part series, led by Times critic Giles Coren and historian Polly Russell, which follows one family as they travel through a 50 year culinary experience. The show will move forward a decade each week and, drawing on facts from the National Food Survey, the family will experience everything from dietary fads to developments in cooking technology.

 Eat To Live Forever with Giles Coren

Eat to live forever Wednesday  9.30pm

Giles Coren is back on the box as he puts his health and tastebuds to the test in discovering diets that could help extend our lives.


One thought on “TV Dinners

  1. Just saying I really enjoyed the “A Cook Abroad” series recently finished. Other than Rachel Khoo who I found really irritating and superficial, the individual chefs offered really good insights into a particular cuisine. I hope they repeat the format.


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