Brum Yum Yum launches Streetfood Speakeasy

So he’s at it again! Brum Yum Yum’s Duncan Stanley has four new food and drink events up his sleeve to keep us entertained throughout the summer – Streetfood Speakeasy, Nosh up in a brewery, Cypress Grill and Flava Cash.

Amusement 13 Kent Street Birmingham

First up is Streetfood Speakeasy, launching at Birmingham Pride weekend, Friday 22 – Sunday 24 May at Amusement 13 at 71 Kent St, Birmingham (where the Holi Rave Feast-ival was held in March).

Duncan told Streetzine magazine;  “With Amusement 13 we’re breaking down the boundaries between streetfood, casual dining and  clubbing. No more standing in line in the cold, no more perching on a bench. This is a new era for dining. Streetfood Speakeasy is the new generation.

“This indoor/outdoor space boasts state of the art sound and visuals and features some of the leading independent club brands, so we’re thrilled at the prospect of joining up with them to push things forward.

“For this we’re creating new menus, exclusive dishes and  one-off collaborations. And we’ll be serving them all up with best vibes in town, every single week!”

Resident DJs will provide the Streetfood Speakeasy soundtrack and a changing weekly cocktail list will complement the food menus and  keep the speakeasy spirit flowing. Entry is free.


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