Summer Sundae

In Leamington yesterday to do some food shopping (R had a yearning for an Aubrey Allen pie) I was delighted to find two new ice cream parlours had opened, so greedy me went to try them both.

Swirls Gelato Leamington

The muted dove grey interior was the quietest thing about Swirls on 53 Warwick Street, as it was packed with grandparents and grandchildren trying to decide which of the 20 flavours of homemade gelato to try. Made in small batches, using the traditional Italian slow churning process of ‘mantecazione’, this creates a creamier and velvety texture of ice cream.

There are 20 flavours to choose from – salted caramel, pistachio, cherry and even bubblegum, plus four varieties of handcrafted sorbet lollies and a selection of gelato cakes, waffles and milkshakes. I mixed a scoop of banana with one of oreo which was fab.

Cathy, Viv, Lynne and Aldo Gallone

The first Gallone’s ice cream parlour opened in Northampton in 2013 and the opposite end of town at the bottom of The Parade at 138 is where you’ll find their third. With 32 varieties to choose from you can get very creative in the sundaes or choose a single scoop of your favourite flavour. With its slightly stark interior you’re better off wandering into Jephson Gardens to enjoy your ice cream, which is what I ended up doing with my mix of pistachio and honeycomb.

Pics: Swirls Twitter Gallone’s Leamington Courier


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