Kenilworth’s Foodie Fortnight

Morris Bond Chair Kenilworth Foodie Fortnight Leamington Spa Observer

A food market in Talisman Square on Saturday kicked off this annual food festival. Over the next  fortnight local food businesses in Kenilworth will be celebrating with a calendar of events including:

  •  Nibbles and Knowledge Quiz Night at The Old Bakery
  • An evening of Whisky Tasting and Exploration at The Gallery
  • Kenilworth Tea Party – A Celebration of 125 years of growing Kenilworth Tea
  • British Tapas Night at The Almanack
  • Beer Festival at the Engine Inn.

Number 11 restaurant-Kenilworth

The Cross and The Kenilworth cocktail bar have been great at putting this little market town on the map, but there is also the Filipino food  at the Virgins and Castle pub, Pomeroy’s Bistro, Number 11 restaurant, Harringtons on the Hill and Arden’s deli that are worth looking out for.

Local businesses will feature a range of promotions until Saturday 26 September, so for more details and ticket details for Kenilworth’s Foodie Fortnight events click here


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