Choc full of treats

The ground-breaking chocolatier Paul A. Young has created a Chocolate Afternoon Tea for Harvey Nichols and given the British classic a contemporary twist.

Harvey Nichols chocolate afternoon tea

Paul’s Chocolate Afternoon Tea explores the relationship of fragrance and scent with taste, texture and the tactile sensation when chocolate flavours first hit the tongue. The menu is a mixture of savoury and sweet treats. Here it is in full:

Paul A Young afternoon tea


Rare roast beef and horseradish, cucumber, poppy seed and marscapone  and savoury chocolate, gorgonzola and rocket.


Mini fruit scone with jam and cream, mini brown sugar scone, salted caramel and clotted cream.


Moroccan spiced chocolate pot, rose crunch cake, chocolate and pecan tart, carrot and chocolate chip cake with coconut frosting.

Priced at £20 (or £28 with a glass of champagne)  from Monday to Saturday 3pm – 5.30pm until 31 October, you can make celebrating National Chocolate Week last all month!


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