Foster-ing good intentions

It takes a huge leap of faith to go into business on your own, especially if you are leaving a secure job in a successful company. But for some the nagging voice that says you can do it and what have you got to lose by trying will not be quietened down by doubt.


Like Andy Waters, Matt Cheal and scores of other chefs before him, Paul Foster is branching out on his own to realise a long-held dream of owning his own restaurant and has left Mallory Court in Leamington Spa.

Paul has launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a new fine dining restaurant and says: “My food is modern British fine dining and when I eat out I like to feel comfortable and relaxed. This is what I want my restaurant to offer – an amazing standard of food and service in a place where you feel welcome. The restaurant will be based in South Warwickshire; it will be modern, serving high quality food and offering a relaxed, friendly environment.

“I’ve always wanted my own restaurant where I can have total freedom to create top quality food and serve it in a relaxed, approachable environment. I love food and I love eating out and I’m doing this Kickstarter in the hope that I’ll be able to have the opportunity to achieve my lifelong dream. If you’d like to know a bit more about me and my career to date, please check out the article in the link below, written by Great British Chefs.

Paul Foster montage

“My food could be described as ‘modern British’ and I put a lot of focus on flavour and seasonality. I like to work with the best food suppliers across the country so I know the produce is the best it can be, that way I don’t have to manipulate things too much – it’s just about enhancing an already great product.

“The funds raised by this campaign will be used to pay the initial rent for the restaurant, to purchase start up stock and equipment and to cover all of the other up-front costs including insurance, licences, payroll, utilities and any necessary redecoration. Even if you’re not able to contribute, if you could just share my Kickstarter page with your family and friends I would be really grateful because the more people who know about it, the more chance I have of succeeding.”

Pledge rewards include a box of Paul’s salted chocolate brownies (that he claims are the best you will EVER eat);  a ‘warts and all’ kitchen experience with Paul; an invitation to the opening party; a pasta masterclass for up to 10 people to an exclusive Christmas party at the restaurant for 40 people.

In just two days he has raised £7K! If you would like to hear more about Paul watch the video on his kickstarter page here


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