‘Gastropods’ to tune into

Olive magazine

olive magazine has launched a new weekly food podcast for the lastest food news and travel tips. Presented by olive editor Laura Rowe, alongside writers from the magazine and industry experts, the podcast focuses on the magazine’s three key strands:  CookEatExplore.

Each week the free podcast will discuss the latest food trends and news; whether discussing the origins of a recipe,  or exploring a region’s cuisine and food culture the team get straight to the nitty gritty of food and drink and where it comes from. Plus, there will be exclusive additional content, behind-the-scenes gossip, expert advice and fun facts from olive magazine HQ in London.

 The first episode launched on 28 April and includes olive’s favourite biscuits, coffee cupping with Simon Lewthwaite of Caravan Coffee Roastery and Europe’s latest foodie destination, Slovenia.


If you like to tune out the daily commute, or have something other than music to cook to, here are a couple more ‘gastropods’ that are worth a listen:

The Kitchen is on Fire

A weird and wonderful ramble from food writer , former supper club host and owner of London’s Pidgin restaurant James Ramsden. Broadcast from a kitchen table in Hackney there is banter mixed with serious stuff as James and his guests discuss everything from the qualities of rice vinegar to whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates.

The Food Chain

From the BBC World Service, this is the serious side of the economics, science and culture of what we eat. As you’d expect it’s a frank, news programme that doesn’t shy away from issues and has covered fussy eaters, dining alone and sexual politics in the kitchen.


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