On the cocktail trail

All nine Bitters ‘n Twisted venues in Birmingham start their annual cocktail trail throughout June.

Buffalo & Rye Cocktail Trail Cocktail Buffalo Brusier

This year will be even more special though, as each of the bars has created a special Acorns cocktail to support the local children’s charity.

Bitters ‘n Twisted will give 50p to the hospice for each Acorns cocktail sold and an extra 50p for each  stamped cocktail trail card exchanged for a free cocktail.

The Bitters %27N Twisted Cocktail Trail Is Back

Cocktails include The Rose Villa Tavern’s “Polly’s Passion”, a fruity vodka based drink with vodka, passion fruit and lime or the “Buffalo Bruiser” from Buffalo & Rye, a medley of bourbon, peach and root beer.


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