Changing tables

Turners and Two Cats Kitchen

Two weeks is a long time in the hospitality business. While I have been away on holiday, Birmingham chefs Richard Turner and Niki Astley have both made announcements about exciting changes to their restaurants.

feature for Birmingham Living

It is all change at Turners as Richard will be serving his last Tasting Menu on 6th August in favour of more accessible, relaxed dining. The Michelin-starred chef is promising that the restaurant will open, after their August break, with new décor,relaxed service style and menusThe restaurant will also be open for longer, including Sundays.

 Niki Astley Two Cats Kitchen

As one chef pares down his service another ramps it up. Niki Astley, head chef and owner of Two Cats Kitchen  revealed to Independent Birmingham that he is planning to convert the space above his restaurant into a private dining chef’s table.

Hosting a maximum of six, the chef’s table will be a ‘gloves off’ experimental dining experience where the team at Two Cats Kitchen will regale your taste buds with new and innovative dishes and creations never before seen in the restaurant. In excess of nine courses will be on offer every Friday and Saturday night.

It is a brave move for successful restaurants to change the way they work, but both Turners and Two Cats Kitchen are showing that you have to innovate to thrive in Birmingham’s competitive restaurant sector.


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