Three things that you didn’t know about Ben Tesh

Ben Tesh chef plating up

This week I caught up with Ben Tesh and found out that he would like to throw a mean pot, Chinese food is his weakness and he might have followed a career in medicine if he hadn’t become a chef.

Read on to the end to find out what exclusive news he is sharing with Midlands Gourmet Girl readers!

Ben why did you become a chef?

“I initially pursued a career in medicine- studying clinical science at university. My interest in cooking only really began seriously when I took a part time job at a restaurant  as a way of finding myself through university. It’s only when I graduated, I realised that it was something I really enjoyed.

“It was then, that I decided if it was something I wanted to pursue, I could only do it working at the highest level, or what was the point, right?. I applied to a serious kitchen at this point therefore, which happened to be with Colin Mcgurran at Winteringham Fields in the north east. The rest is history I guess.”

What do you eat at home?

“Love this question. People think chefs eat extravagantly at home for some reason. It’s quite the opposite. I eat the day to day things everyone else does. It doesn’t get better than going out to the little cafes in the Chinese quarter though. That’s my weak spot.”

If you were not a chef what would you be?

Pop-up dish by Ben Tesh

“Maybe I would have pursued the medicine thing. I’m not sure. I’m working with ceramics with a local potter at the moment, creating bespoke pieces for the restaurant- that’s certainly something I could get into!”

EXCLUSIVE Yes you are hearing it here first readers, Ben’s Summer residency at the Urban Coffee Company has been so successful they have asked him to stay on!

Instead of ending at the end of August, Ben’s fine dining pop-up will continue through the Autumn. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, six courses for £40 and wine flight for £20 book via it would be rude not to.


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