Meet the producer: The Lost Farm


According to the Hairy Bikers, Manx Loaghtan is “probably the finest lamb in the world”. With their long brown fleeces and imposing horns they look like they belong to a bygone era, but this ancient breed is flourishing today thanks to a local farm right here in Warwickshire.

The Lost Farm in Grandborough, just outside Rugby, pride themselves on raising British livestock the traditional way – slowly and with care. Their animals are raised on the wild grasses and herbs that surround them, as well as locally grown whole grains. The pasture on which the sheep are grown, together with their natural slow rate of growth contributes to a unique flavour.


Run by Jeff Clarke, George Steriopolus and their wives, the farmers have fought long and hard to save the breed from extinction. Their efforts were recognised in 2008 when the Manx Loaghtan sheep was awarded Protected Food Name status. Over time, as demand has grown, George moved his livestock from the Isle of Man over to Grandborough. The sheep are now part of the ‘forgotten’ breeds’ which the farm rears and promotes their wonderful history across the UK.

As well as a range of Manx Loaghtan sheep cuts, sausages and minced meat the Lost Farm also has a variety of traditional breeds of beef which include Highland Cattle, Dexter and Longhorn.

You can meet The Lost Farm at the monthly Grandborough Farmers Market, enjoy their cuts at special events such as the Opus Dinner Series in Birmingham, as well as buy their produce via their website

Buying meat from the Lost Farm enables you to experience the  real  quality  of  pure  breeding  and support a local producer keeping old  traditional breeds going .


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