Go loco for cocoa in Chocolate Week


From single origin bars and luxurious celebration cakes to creamy hot chocolate and handmade truffles, it is easy to go loco over cocoa during National Chocolate Week.


 Love Cocoa

Established in 1824, the Cadbury’s name is synonymous with Birmingham and now the great-great-great-grandson James is continuing in the family tradition by making his own chocolate bars. After struggling to find his mother a birthday present, he  came up with the idea of posting three or six bars in a box that fits through post boxes  – so does not need a recipient’s signature. Available in milk, dark, blonde, Earl Grey, mint, sea salt and honeycomb flavours the 85g organic Love Cocoa bars are priced from £4.40 each.


Sweet As

Award-winning chocolate brownies, cakes and gift hampers are just a click away with the new website from Sweet As cakes. Dedicated to all things chocolatey this Warwickshire based bakery have been crafting celebration cakes for more than a decade, delighting fans including HRH Prince Charles and Philip Schofield. Prices from £10.



For an intense hot chocolate drink, look for cafés and coffee shops (like Home Café Deli in Birmingham) who serve the Marimba Hot Chocolate Melt. Made from a whole 40g of flakes of real single-origin chocolate the result is a richer, smoother and more indulgent hot chocolate experience.


Choc n Roll 

Choc n Roll

Tony Davies has set up shop in a container at Fargo Village in Coventry, where he lovingly makes his handmade chocolates.  Choc ‘N’ Roll is a family business in Warwickshire that Tony started in 2014 after several years as a chef. He can also teach you the tricks of the trade in his chocolate making workshops.



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