No more Gin Club


So sad to hear the The Square Wine Company in Warwick has closed. Owners Tom and Hannah have this message for their customers:

“With great sadness, The Square Wine Company has ceased trading. The Square Wine Company first opened its doors in July 2014, over 2 years ago. You may remember we were just a shop back then! We started to host regular wine and food evenings which were a tremendous success, one of the events selling out in just 40 minutes! It was then a fairly natural progression to offer a ‘drink in’ option where you could enjoy a glass of wine then hopefully buy a bottle to take home. With a cafe permit in place so we could put seating outside, this ‘bar’ side of the business became a key part of our offer.

“The shop/bar hybrid seemed to tick all the boxes but we found this out a little too late unfortunately. Hannah and I both left our jobs to start the business (hindsight is a wonderful thing…) but it takes time to grow a business and the overheads within retail can be fairly high. Unfortunately, sometimes there is more money going out than coming in and we had to make the hard and sad decision to close the doors.

“Warwick is a wonderfully unique place. We urge you to support the fantastic independent retail businesses that call it home. The Gift Shop, Hatton & Harding, The Bakehouse, Dough & Brew, Present Days, Market Place Pantry and Hair Management to name but a few.

“The Square Wine Company thrived when strangers became friends and used us as a meeting point, a social hub and occasional drinking den! But it was full of heart and soul, love and laughter. The occasional argument only added to the mix. The atmosphere was very special, you could bring your kids in quite happily and you would be made very welcome, because you were very welcome. We loved having you there and getting to know you.


“Gin Club on a Friday night became a part of Warwick folklore and to be the busiest bar in town at 7pm on Friday was extremely flattering. Thank you to everyone who made it such a fun and special night,week in, week out.

“On that note, special thanks to Alistair who was with us for most of our tenure and who was a massive help in all things Square Wine. He was a huge part of the success and we thank him for it. Thanks Al.

“Anyway, for us it is the end of the line but we do have a couple of interested buyers so some part of Square Wine may carry on. I can’t say anything more at the moment but please watch this space for further details. If a wonderful new business arises from 9a Market Place, please support them and take them to your hearts as you did with us.

“We really hope to see you all around so please don’t be a stranger if you see us around. We may not be selling wine to you anymore but we’d love to have a glass with you if the opportunity arises.”

Lots of love and thanks

Tom & Hannah



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