Kinome Kitchen pop-up


If you missed the Kinome Kitchen pop-up at the Kitchen Garden Café over the summer, then you have another chance to experience Sachiko Saeki’s exquisite Japanese cuisine.

Quarter Horse Coffee will host Sachiko’s new pop-up, with a new four course tapas and sushi menu for eight dates in November and December.


The menu features new dishes, including Kinome’s take on the Hot Pot – slow-cooked beef tendon served with turnip, thin-sliced crispy leek and shon shon (kyushu dialect for the region’s dipping miso). As well as a dessert of chiffon (green tea) cake, yuzu meringue, chestnuts marinated in sweet soya sauce, sakekasu cream, chestnut paste and Kinome leaf from our Sansho tree. Japanese beers and sake will also be available and the evening costs £35 each.

Booking is recommended on:


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