Warwick wine merchant re-opens


The new owners of Square Wine in Warwick have a message for customers old and new:

“Hello all, we’re Richard and Joanna Constantinou, brother and sister, and we’re going to be taking over Square Wine from Tom and Hannah.

“To say we’re excited to be carrying on from the excellent work they have done over the last two  years is an understatement.  Richard has worked in bars including Square Wine as well as enjoying many evenings there as a customer too.  Joanna is an extremely successful pub manager in London.  The plan is that this experience should translate into an extremely good thing for all of us!

“To give you a little idea about our vision for ‘The Square’ (hope you like the name change, we feel it broadens our horizons) we want to build on its current guise and bring in different elements. Our plan is simple really, to serve you good drinks (both hot and cold), some nice nibbles (small food platters) and to give you the option to be able to a take all of that home too.  We love Gin Club as well as the tasting evenings and these are both still essential to our plans.

“All we ask is that we share enjoyment and laughter and that you give us a chance to get it right. Be honest with us and let us work with you (probably getting things wrong sometimes). We both enjoyed Square Wine in its original guise and really don’t want to lose any of the charm that it has. What we do want is to bring our enthusiasm and passion and to share what we enjoy with you all.”


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