Talking ’bout a revolution


When something is on your doorstep, it is very easy to take it for granted and not make the most of it. That is definitely the case with me and Coventry.

Even though the city is only 12 miles away from where I live, I automatically think of Leamington and Birmingham as places to go out and eat even though they are further away.

It is probably the greater choice and proliferation of independent venues there that sways my decision, so I was delighted when Coventry blogger Stella Backhouse got in touch.

Stella has an exciting plan to put Coventry’s culinary scene on the map – as she explains:

“Food Covolution is my project designed to showcase independent food in Coventry and is set to launch on 3rd April. The internet-based resource aims to create a one-stop-shop promotional platform for the city’s independent restaurants and cafés, as well as food producers and specialist retail outlets.


“Especially in the city centre, the restaurant scene in Coventry tends to be dominated by chains. Awareness of independent alternatives, on the other hand, is more fragmentary and disjointed.

“I’m not anti-chains, but to give independent food a better chance of competing with them, we need to raise its profile. Food Covolution will do this by providing independents with a place from which to shout about the fantastic food, offers and events that are already happening – and hopefully encourage more to happen in future’.

And she added “Coventry’s independent food sector is under-developed relative to other cities, so there are potentially terrific opportunities to be had here, above all if we win the City of Culture bid. A number of great new restaurants and street food stalls have opened recently. I want to support them – but more broadly, if we can generate a buzz around food in Coventry, it could be a key step towards attracting more investment down the line”.

If you have a local food business, want to support this new site, or just find out more then contact Stella on and see if we can start a food revolution in Coventry!


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