Libertine Burger to launch in Leamington Spa

Libertine Burger street food

Street food trader Libertine Burger has found a permanent home in Leamington Spa, so have set up a kickstarter page to crowdfund their dream of opening their first burger shop.

They are taking over what used to be the Aubrey Allez café on Warwick Street and hope to fill the gap left by the closure of Meatcure for a family friendly place to eat great quality burgers.

Created by local chef Charles Harris, Libertine Burger started its life 18 months ago serving hungry punters double ground beef patties using the best dry-aged Aberdeenshire beef . Their van has wheeled into the Digbeth Dining Club and a kitchen take-over at The Royal Pug in Leamington Spa. In a short space of time, the burger boys have been a finalist in both the British Street Food Awards in 2017 and in this year’s National Burger Awards.

Libertine Burger

Charles explains “We have travelled all over the country flipping our wares, making sure that our customers know that Libertine Burger is the first word in taste and value. Along the way we have been nominated for some very prestigious awards and even been given spots at the country’s top street food markets. It’s been one hell of a ride, and one that we are not ready to disembark just yet.

“Call it serendipity, kismet or destiny, but we have now been given the opportunity to turn our street food dreams into an actual restaurant. And all we need to achieve that goal is your help in raising £12,000 to make sure that our equipment and signage are up to the high standard that our customers have come to expect from us.

“In return, we will commit to giving you some amazing rewards, ranging from tasty Libertine Burgers to awesome merchandise, and even the chance to design your very own burger to add to our ever-growing burger index. “

Libertine Burger is set to open in May, initially from Thursday to Sunday.

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