Table Talk – Friday 27th July

So many delicious things to eat in this week’s Table Talk, from a new deli in Leamington to a Greek-Cypriot pop-up in Birmingham and sizzling sausages in Shrewsbury.Tuck in!

Sampling at Fred & Virginia deli Leamington Spa

Congratulations to mother and daughter team Jacquie Smallwood and Lauren Castle, who opened the doors to their new deli in Leamington yesterday. Fred & Virginia on Regent Street offers fresh food for breakfast and takeaway lunches as well as pantry items, ready meals, soups, bread and cakes. It will also stock a selection of luxury hampers and gifts. The plant-based deli also plans to hold meet the producer events for sampling artisan produce.

Tim Phedon

Recreate that holiday vibe in the heart of Birmingham, with chef Tim Phedon who is launching his inaugural Greek Cypriot themed pop-up restaurant, Yiayia Mama. On Friday 3rd August Tim will create authentic dishes from the villages of his grandparents in Cyprus, mixed in with creative reinterpretations of some classic recipes. Menus will be themed around mezze, and all dishes – from bread and dips to a Cypriot custard filo pie for dessert –  will be homemade.

sausages and cider Shropshire Live

For a sizzling banger, head over to Shrewsbury on Saturday (28th) for the new Sausage and Cider Festival. The team behind the Shrewsbury Food Festival and Shropshire Oktoberfest  is staging this one day celebration in the Buttermarket. Entry is £5.

Bringing home the bacon

The Smoking Pig caterer Rugby

The Smoking Pig charcuterie and catering trailer started with a sausage making machine, just a simple meat mincer and about five kilos of pork shoulder.

The Smoking Pig Bombay bangers

Gregg Windsor then began to produce sausage recipes, experimenting with different ideas, that he would share with his friends and family. Including these Bombay bangers of The Smoking Pig currywurst sausage teamed with Bombay potato and spinach, topped with homemade raita and fresh coriander.
The Smoking Pig

But fresh sausages were only the first step, the forerunner into charcuterie. Soon Gregg was experimenting with bacons and hams, looking for the best flavours and unusual  combinations delivered in a traditional way. He began seeking out more information, reading books on charcuterie, exploring shops and delis, tasting and testing, searching for the best.

Gregg was pulled toward the finer arts of charcuterie and the enigmatic and some might say mystical powers of fermentation. Chorizo, salami, soppresata, sauccison sec, nduja, all these possibilities in a realm bound by time, care, consideration and passion.  And so The Smoking Pig began.

With a catering trailer in Rugby, Gregg  serves his passion for pork at local events and festivals.

The Smoking Pig trailer Rugby

If you missed him at Fargo Village last weekend then put Down on the close at Rugby School  in your diary –  where he will be bringing home to the bacon to his hometown on Saturday 26 August.

Squisito’s Sausage Olympics







Happy fifth birthday to Squisito! The Italian Deli, from Monks Kirby near Rugby, will be at the Kings Heath Farmers Market on Saturday running their own sausage Olympics. This is line-up from Alex and Sara.

“Unfortunately the British Banger has been disqualified after testing for artificial substances and the presence of rusk, so the runners this Saturday will be :

Lane 1 – Tuscan Sausage (pictured) from the rolling hills of Tuscany in central Italy. 93% local meat handmade on Saturday morning with Chianti, Squisito smoked fennel, garlic and black pepper. Tipped as the favourite.

Lane 2 – Napoli Sausage from the volcanic Southern city of Napoli in Campania. It’s spicy but not hot and made with 93% pork, Squisito smoked paprika, coriander, garlic and southern Italian red wine. Red like a Napolitan sunset and just as good in a sauce.

Lane 3 – Toulouse Sausage from the South if France. Having a good Olympics despite some underarm issues this mild and popular sausage is 93% meat and 5% white wine with a bit of sea salt and white pepper, nutmeg and a tiny bit of fresh herbs.

Lane 4 – Mexican Chihuahua – Small and with bite this South American chorizo is made made with tequila gold and wine vinegar with Squisito smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, a pinch of cumin and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce (Ever wondered why Usain Bolt runs so fast?) The hot favourite this 93% pork chorizo fires up any tapas or baked bean dish. 

Lane 5 – Luganega Sausage from Mantova in Italy made by the metre with 91% pork, 3% Grana Padano cheese and 4% Italian white wine and a smidgen of salt and pepper. If you think Alfas have smart wheels come and look at these.

Lane 6 – Nero Pudding with a Lancashire mother and an Italian father this blood sausage mixes the best of Bury with Italian good looks. Leading contender for the English Breakfast but looks good on a pizza with créme fraiche and a bit of apple.”